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Robert G. Ingersoll quotation from the title page of “The Dresden Edition, Vol. 2”
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Walking Tour Stop 3

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Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station, c. 1880-1910
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Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station, c. 1880-1910

Corner of 6th and D Streets, N.W.

The National Gallery of Art, West Building, may be seen two blocks south at 6th Street and Constitution Avenue. This was the site of the Baltimore & Potomac Railroad Station where President James Garfield was assassinated on July 2, 1881.

National Gallery of Art
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National Gallery of Art

Although Garfield was a minister, he supported religious freedom. Ingersoll campaigned for him in 1880 and headed the group welcoming the President-elect to Washington on the night of November 23, 1880. “The President-elect Received by ‘Royal Bob’ Ingersoll at Baltimore & Potomac depot,” headlined the Washington Post. “Col. Bob advanced and extending his hand said in a hearty way: ‘How are you General?’ The General grasped his hand and replied in an equally hearty manner: ‘Royal Bob, how are you?’” Ingersoll's diary entry for March 1, 1881, reads, “Met Garfield at B & P Depot at 5 AM. Had a sleepy time.” Ingersoll consulted with Garfield in the White House, including the day before he was assassinated. The Garfield memorial stands at the foot of the Capitol next to the Botanic Garden.

Walking Directions (printable version)

To walk to tour stop #4:

Go west one long block on D Street and turn right on 7th Street for one half block.

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