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Robert G. Ingersoll quotation from the title page of “The Dresden Edition, Vol. 7”
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Walking Tour Stop 1

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The National Building Museum
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The National Building Museum

The National Building Museum (formerly the Pension Building) on F Street, between 4th and 5th Streets, N.W.

This red-brick building, which takes up the entire block, was completed in 1887 to house the Pension Bureau that administered pensions for Union veterans. The 1200-foot long, terra-cotta frieze by Caspar Buberl that runs around the entire building depicts a continuous parade of Union military units. Step inside to see this fabulous space.

Closeup of Frieze
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Closeup of Frieze

During the Civil War, Ingersoll “assisted in raising and became colonel of the 11th Illinois volunteer cavalry regiment, which was mustered into Federal service on Dec. 20, 1861. His command saw duty in the Tennessee Valley campaign, at Shiloh and at Corinth, and was stationed in Tennessee in 1862 when on Dec. 18 the Confederate raider, Gen. Nathan B. Forrest, captured its colonel and some hundreds of its men. Ingersoll was soon paroled, and, having no hope of exchange, took his discharge from the army on June 30, 1863” (Dictionary of American Biography, 1990, pp 469-470).

Walking Directions (printable version)

To walk to tour stop #2:

Go South two blocks through the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, cross E Street and walk around the court building to D Street. The address of site #2 is officially 451 Indiana Avenue, N.W., but it is actually on D Street.

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